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Covid-19 Update

School Update Information

We Choose Courage! 

As a ministry of Faith Journey Church, we are committed to serving the families who choose us to partner with them in the education of their children. Our mission does not change because circumstances around us change. We believe we can provide each one of our students with a high level of ongoing education during these challenging times. Our goal is to finish this school year with strength and excellence.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says this:

“For everything, there is a season and a time for every

matter under heaven.”

During this season, we choose courage! Courage to believe that nothing is too difficult for God and that He is our source of strength, comfort, and direction. Our staff is diligently working to provide each one of our students a level of education that will help them continue to thrive at their grade level.  

Updated: 3/20/20

FAQ's for GCS Families

1.       "Are we getting charged for Day Care since we had a permanent schedule set up?" 

ANSWER: No, everything has been billed out to the date of March 12th, which was our last day of operation for GCDC. All hours billed to that date are due as they were hours that were used by the students.

2.   "What about tuition, how is that being handled during the building being closed?”

ANSWER: Our building is closed per the Governor’s Executive Order but education continues. Our staff not on furlough, they are working modified hours/days in order to continue supplying your child with an ongoing education, Preschool through Middle School. When you enroll you are given an ANNUAL TUITION amount that is due prior to the first day of school, however we do allow for a monthly payment plan to be set up with the expectation that the entire amount will be paid in full by year’s end. Our teachers are continuing to work and provide education and will continue to receive their due compensation which is dependent on tuition payments. 


3.   "Are we planning on moving our last day of school to later in June?" 

ANSWER: Our choice to continue education despite the building being closed will keep us on track to have our last day of school stay at June 5th. We will update this date if it becomes necessary to do so.

4.   "What should I expect from my child's teacher?”

ANSWER: Our teachers have been given a modified set of instructional expectations and are working hard to create online and hard copy lessons. Each teacher is responsible BY Thursday of each week to have prepared their classroom lessons for the following week and if there are packets to be mailed home, those will be mailed on Thursday, again those are for the following week. Teachers will be connecting via emails as well to explain each week’s lesson plan, often with pictures of what a completed project should look like. If you have ANY questions as to your student assignments please reach out first to your teacher and then to the administration if you need further help. 

5.   "Will the packets be mailed?”

ANSWER: Yes. Unless you hear otherwise from your student's teacher, you should expect the packet to arrive in the mail.

6.   "I just bought hot lunch tickets, will I get a refund?" 

ANSWER: Yes we can refund that money immediately upon request via email to or you can request the amount is transferred to your tuition account. When we come back to school in May we will only have Hot Lunch (pizza only) on Wednesdays.

7.   Is Journey Summer Camp still happening?

ANSWER: At this point in time we are 100% moving forward with planning and prep for JSC as scheduled. We recognize with the dynamic atmosphere within the Covid-19 situation and are making alternate plans such as smaller group dynamics, limiting field trips etc. Our JSC team is also developing WITHIN the daily/weekly schedule a solid educational component for bridging one school year to the next. There will be targeted teaching/projects for engaging students at their educational/age appropriate levels.  

Updated: 3/31/20