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School Update Information

We Choose Courage! 

As a ministry of Faith Journey Church, we are committed to serving the families who choose us to partner with them in the education of their children. Our mission does not change because circumstances around us change. We believe we can provide each one of our students with a high level of ongoing education during these challenging times. Our goal is to finish this school year with strength and excellence.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says this:

β€œFor everything, there is a season and a time for every

matter under heaven.”

During this season, we choose courage! Courage to believe that nothing is too difficult for God and that He is our source of strength, comfort, and direction. Our staff is diligently working to provide each one of our students a level of education that will help them continue to thrive at their grade level.  

Updated: 3/20/20

FAQ's for GCS Families

1.       "Does Journey Summer Camp still have availability?" 

ANSWER: Yes, although we have several weeks close to capacity. We have modified several components of Journey Summer Camp, including removing the 3 day/week option, increased sanitation/cleaning protocols, limited days off of campus, and revamped daily schedules. Our JSC team has developed an amazing daily/weekly schedule with a solid educational component for bridging one school year to the next. There will be fun and creative, targeted teaching/projects for engaging students at their educational/age appropriate levels.  

2.   "Are you planning to start school on time in the fall?”

ANSWER: Yes. We are currently making plans for starting on time in the fall. If you have enrolled for a class at GCS you will receive a mailing the week of June 1st that will have a student supply list for next year as well as a Required Student Information form that will need to be completed and returned before July 1st. We will have some adjustments that will be made but those will not be decided upon until at least late July. We have been immersed in evaluating the impact of guidelines, recommendations and regulations per our local and state authorities and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Updates will be posted on this website as they are available.  


3.   "Will my child receive a year end report card?" 

ANSWER: Yes. Preschool through Middle School will receive grade level evaluations/report cards. Preschool evaluations will be mailed out the week of May 25th and the K-MS report cards will be mailed out the week of June 8th. Both have been modified to reflect distance learning that started on March 16th.  

4.   "Is the official last day of school on June 5th?”

ANSWER: Yes. However each individual teacher is ending their school year in their unique way and that may happen anytime between June 2nd- June 5th, depending on the grade level. June 4th is D-3 Day which the day that has been planned to have all families drive through, drop off and la despedida(celebrate and say farewell for the year!). There will be opportunity during this event to drop off outgrown dress code clothing items,  supplies/manipulatives  borrowed and pickup supplies/personal items and to celebrate with staff as you drive through. We have a special treat for every family on this day! 

Updated: 5/22/20