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Meet the Teachers

Our Elementary and Middle School faculty are selected on the basis of training and experience. All regular classroom teachers have credentials from the Association of Christian Schools International or the Teachers Standard Practices Commission.  They are dedicated to providing a Christ-center, loving, safe, and nurturing environment for the children. On-going education and training keep staff up-to-date in Early Childhood Education, CPR and first aid.​

K-8th Staff

Ms. Karen Faw, Kindergarten
Schooling:            A.A at Trinity Western
                            College, a B.A. in Early 
                            Childhood Ed at Central
                            Washington Univ. and Cal
Years at GCS:     3
Fun Fact:             Karen stayed in a tree house 
                            on a game reserve in Zimbabwe!

Mrs. Sarah Boddington, 1st Grade
Schooling:           B.S. in Education
                            Majored in Elementary
                            Education, Minor in
                            Early Childhool Ed. from
                            Central Washington Univ.
Years at GCS:     4
Fun Fact:            Sarah loves to play the

Mrs. Amy Lehman, 2nd Grade
Schooling:            B.S. in Psychology-Life
                             Span Development from Cal 
                             Baptist University and a Master
                             in Elemntary Education from
                             University of Phoenix
Years at GCS:     1
Fun Fact:              Mrs. Lehman loves Packers
                             football & Dutch Bros!

Mrs. Aimee Noss, 3rd Grade
Schooling:           B.A. in Elem. Ed from
                            Concordia Univ., a M.S. 
                            in Elementary Reading 
                            & Literacy from Walden
Years at GCS:     2
Fun Fact:             Aimee recently got her
                             very first puppy!

Mrs. Bev Jackson, 4th Grade

Schooling:           B.A. in Elementary Education
                            & Mathematics from Southwest
                            Baptist University.  Masters
                            work at Portland State.

Years at GCS:     1
Fun Fact:             Bev loves roller coasters!

Miss Lindsey Frisinger, 5th Grade
Schooling:           B.A. in Biblical Studies
                            from Trinity Bible College
                            and a B.S. from Valley City
                            State Univ. 

Years at GCS:     6

Fun Fact:             Lindsey attended GCS
                            for 1st-6th grades!

Mrs. Mily Munoz, Elementary Spanish
Schooling:            B.A. in Leisure Management
                             in Mexico, ESL Certification
                             in Mexico, and B.S. in
                            English Translation
Years at GCS:     6
Fun Fact:            Mily also speaks Italian!

Mrs. Cindy Loayza, Kindergarten
Schooling:            B.A. in Liberal Studies from 
                             UW Bothell, MBA from
                             Cardean Univ., and a M.Ed
                             from Grand Canyon Univ.

Years at GCS:     6
Fun Fact:             Cindy participates annually
                            in the Portland to Coast relay!

Mr. Donny GrosJacques, M.School
Schooling:            B.S. in Christian Leadership
                             from Northwest Univ., and
                             a M.A. in Biblical and 
                             Theological Studies from
                             Western Seminary
Years at GCS:     4
Fun Fact:             Donny enjoys listening to
                             epic film scores while
                             doing yardwork!

Mrs. Trish Sprecker, M.School
Schooling:            B.A. in Education from
                             Pacific Univ., M.A. of
                            Curriculum & Instruction
                            from Grand Canyon Univ.
Years at GCS:     3
Fun Fact:            Trish loves dark chocolate
                            reses peanut butter cups!

Mrs. Michelle Pak, Middle School Math
Schooling:            B.S. in Information & Computer
                            Science from the University of
                            CA, Irvine and Secondary Credential
                            in mathematics from CA State 
Years at GCS:    1.5
Fun Fact:            Mrs. Pak loves Madelein cookies
                            with coffee.

Mrs. Kelsey Burns
Elementary Music/M.S. Drama
Schooling:            B.A. in Music from
                             Hope Internation Univ.
Years at GCS:     3
Fun Fact:             Kelsey loves to tap dance!

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Gaarde Christian School is a ministry of Faith Journey Church