Field Trip Information

Field Trip Policies

All school-sponsored trips are considered an extension of the classroom; therefore, students are expected to follow all school rules for conduct and attitudes while on field trips or representing the school in other fashions.

Chaperones are vital to a successful field trip. We will not take field trips without adequate supervision; therefore, we encourage parents/guardians to become GCS volunteers. In order to be able to chaperone and/or attend a field trip, the following must be completed:

  • Sign up with the classroom teacher 5 days prior to the date of the trip
  • Complete and submit a Driver's Information Form 
  • Complete and submit a background check (or have a current background check on file)

Each teacher will be arranging the field trips for his/her own class. Oregon State law mandates that our students are adequately secured in an appropriate child restraint whenever traveling in a vehicle with seat belts. Siblings are not to accompany chaperones on any field trip.

Students are reminded that devices of any kind are not to be brought to school activities. If chaperones or teachers wish to play music, it is their prerogative to do so, accepting responsibility for the content of what is shared. Students are to treat chaperones with the highest respect. Obedience and quick compliance to their requests is expected at all times. All GCS students must wear a Gaarde T-shirt or sweatshirt on every field trip. Gaarde Wear is ordered at the beginning of each school year by submitting a Gaarde Wear order form.