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Elementary, Middle School & Specials Teachers

Mrs. Donna Anderson

Mrs. Anderson enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and biking, and anything outdoors. She also loves to read and try new healthy recipes.

Mrs. Donna Anderson - Kindergarten

Ms. Karen Faw

Ms. Faw enjoys hiking and has recently joined a hiking group. She is looking forward to seeing her daughter, son-in-law and grandson more when they return to the US. 

Ms. Karen Faw - Kindergarten

Mrs. Sarah Boddington

Mrs. Boddington enjoys sunshine and watching the Blazers. She is looking forward to getting to know her students. 

Mrs. Sarah Boddington - First Grade

Mrs. Amy Lehman

Mrs. Lehman enjoys being with her family and drinking a good latte. She is looking forward to sharing God's word and promises with her students.

Mrs. Amy Lehman - Second Grade

Mrs. Kristi Dotson

Mrs. Dotson enjoys reading, writing, walking, and mostly hanging out with her grandkids. She is looking forward to a new school year and meeting her students and their parents. 

Mrs. Kristi Dotson - Second Grade

Mrs. Aimee Noss

Mrs. Noss enjoys spending time with her family. She is looking forward to a fresh start this year and says ā€œnew beginnings are so exciting!ā€

Mrs. Aimee Noss - Third Grade

Mrs. Kim Martin

Mrs. Martin enjoys reading, walking, drawing, painting, baking, and learning new things. She is looking forward to helping students be successful, and instilling a genuine love of learning in every one of them.

Mrs. Kim Martin - Fourth Grade

Ms. Lindsey Frisinger

Ms. Frisinger enjoys watching baseball and football. This year she is especially looking forward to Christmas. 

Ms. Lindsey Frisinger - Fifth Grade

Mr. Donny GrosJacques

Mr. GrosJacques enjoys reading bedtime stories to his kids. He is looking forward to being back in the classroom with his students. 

Mr. Donny GrosJacques - Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Denise Gunderson

Mrs. Gunderson enjoys reading & Disney puzzles! Something she is looking forward to is expanding her creativity by teaching ART this year & seeing how creative each child can become!!

Mrs. Denise Gunderson - Art

Mrs. Blossom Shimabukuro

Mrs. Blossom enjoys being outdoors, going on walks and just hanging out in her backyard garden. She also enjoys crafting, creating, and learning new things. She is looking forward to another year at Gaarde as the new music teacher and to getting to know all the students.

Mrs. Blossom Shimabukuro - Music

Mrs. Latisha Stock

Mrs. Stock enjoys spending time with family, sports and crafting. She is looking forward to seeing her kids grow in different areas of life.