Elementary, Middle School & Specials Teachers

Mrs. Alyssa Krieg

Mrs. Krieg really enjoys building relations with the students that she teaches and with their families. She also loves being creative in numerous ways with the children. She loves watching a story come to life as she shares it. She also enjoys when children get inspired by something and want to learn more about a topic. "It is so much fun!" she says. In her spare time she loves being with her family. She also enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine, playing piano and doing art with her kids. She comments that "Spending time with friends, traveling, going to the beach, or enjoying a good cookie are also wonderful."

Mrs. Alyssa Krieg - Transitional Kindergarten

Ms. Karen Faw

Ms. Faw loves to see students get excited to learn. She enjoys watching students mature, not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and emotionally. In her down time, she likes to "Zumba", walk, read, play games, watch T.V./movies, and spend time with friends and family. 

Ms. Karen Faw - Kindergarten

Mrs. Catherine Kemper

Mrs. Kemper loves seeing a child get excited about learning something new - that moment when they realize they “can do it” or “know it!” It’s that spark and twinkle in their eye that she loves and looks forward to seeing as they are learning about the word of God. She also enjoys being creative, drawing and painting when she has the time. She loves spending time with her family, going to see a movie, going to the beach, taking a walk or finding a new place to explore. Finding that perfect yummy Gluten free treat along the way is always a plus for her while she is striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs. Catherine Kemper - Kindergarten

Mrs. Sarah Boddington

Mrs. Boddington's favorite thing about being a teacher is spending time with the kids. Watching them grow and learn and change over the course of a year and getting to play a role in that is very rewarding to her. In her down time she enjoys doing puzzles, board games, reading and walking her dog, Millie!

Mrs. Sarah Boddington - First Grade

Mrs. Kristi Dotson

Mrs. Dotson loves watching her students become independent and resourceful learners. Outside of teaching, she spends most of her time with her three grandchildren and her church family.

Mrs. Kristi Dotson - First Grade

Mrs. Sarah Worthington

Mrs. Sarah Worthington-2nd Grade

Mrs. Karen Snyder

Mrs. Karen Snyder-2nd Grade

Mrs. Kristen Parrish

Mrs. Kristen Parrish-3rd Grade

Mr. Matthew Cray

Mr. Cray loves to see his students succeed and become well rounded individuals. He is a wealth of knowledge from science and math to Marvel and DC facts. Mr. Cray strives to make his classroom inviting and interesting.

Mr. Matthew Cray - Fourth Grade

Ms. Lindsey Frisinger

Facilitating students in their Biztown program is a favorite for Ms. Frisinger. In her down time she enjoys playing fantasy baseball and football.

Ms. Lindsey Frisinger - Fifth Grade

Mrs. Aimee Noss

I have been teaching since my graduation from Concordia University in 2001. I knew I wanted to be a teacher after I spent a summer with middle schoolers in a summer program in Wenzhou, China. That experience opened my eyes to how remarkable this age group of students can be. I am excited to be working with the middle schoolers at Gaarde!

Mrs. Aimee Noss - Middle School

Mr. Larry Snyder

Mr. Snyder loves the "I get it!" moment when "the lights go on" and a student understands a concept or an idea. His greatest enjoyment, however, comes from seeing students grow in godliness and maturity in their walk with the Lord. In his down time he likes to read, cook, try to play golf (his words), and peruse bookstores.

Mr. Larry Snyder - Middle School

Mrs. Denise Gunderson

Mrs. Gunderson enjoys teaching Art to the students at Gaarde so much! She comments "Every student is always excited for Art, and it is so amazing to see what they create!" She loves sharing with them about the different artists, and discovering a new passion for Art in them! In her 'down time', she enjoys walking her dog, gardening, reading, doing Disney puzzles, & creating new Art ideas for her students.

Mrs. Denise Gunderson - Art

Mrs. Becca Harris

Mrs. Harris is most looking forward to meeting all the students and helping them feel seen and valued as our Father in heaven sees them! She feels extra blessed that she gets to teach them what she loves about movement and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She loves spending time with her husband and 3 kids, taking care of her garden, reading a good book, playing piano and doing anything that involves water! 

Mrs. Becca Harris - PE

Mrs. Blossom Shimabukuro

Mrs. Blossom enjoys seeing the students having fun and being silly together in music class. When she is not in the classroom, she likes spending time with family, cooking and trying something new - like a new restaurant or making something she hasn't done before.  

Mrs. Blossom Shimabukuro - Music