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Elementary, Middle School & Specials Teachers

Ms. Karen Faw

Ms. Faw enjoys going to Zumba class. She is very excited to be a first time Grandma this November. 

Ms. Karen Faw - Kindergarten

Mrs. Cindy Loayza

Mrs. Loayza enjoys participating in Portland to Coast each year. She also enjoys scrapbooking.

Mrs. Cindy Loayza - Kindergarten

Mrs. Sarah Boddington

Mrs. Boddington enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and playing piano

Mrs. Sarah Boddington - First Grade

Mrs. Amy Lehman

Mrs. Lehman enjoys painting. She also enjoys playing golf. Referring to golf, she says “I'm not very good, but I'm okay with that."

Mrs. Amy Lehman - Second Grade

Mrs. Aimee Noss

Mrs. Noss enjoys experimenting with new recipes. She says whether or not they are a hit, she thinks the process of trying new things is always fun. 

Mrs. Aimee Noss - Third Grade

Mrs. Kim Rader

Mrs. Rader enjoys spending time with her family and hiking. Together they have visited 22 National Parks and Monuments.

Mrs. Kim Rader - Fourth Grade

Ms. Lindsey Frisinger

Ms. Frisinger enjoys participating in fantasy football and fantasy baseball. She attended school here at Gaarde from 1st through 6th Grade. 

Mrs. Lindsey Frisinger - Fifth and Sixth Grade

Mr. Donny GrosJacques

Mr. GrosJacques enjoys reading. He also enjoys the music of the modern composer Steve Jablonsky. 

Mr. Donny GrosJacques - Seventh & Eighth Grade

Mrs. Michelle Germer

Mrs. Germer enjoys photography. She says one of her favorite things to do is to go to a Portland Timbers game with her husband.

Mrs. Michelle Germer - Art

Mrs. Shawn McCowan

Mrs. McCowan loves dancing with her hubby at social dance events. She says "We're 'Dancing With the Stars' wannabes!" She also loves hearing punny jokes.

Mrs. Shawn McCowan - Middle School Literature

Mrs. Mily Munoz

Mrs. Munoz likes sharing about the time her and her husband met. The first time they talked was while repelling. He got stuck on a 300 ft. cliff and they talked for 40 minutes. Mrs. Munoz also enjoys doing very complicated dot to dot drawings involving thousands of numbers.

Mrs. Mily Munoz - P.E.